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November Fishing Report by Cpt. Cliff Budd

Winter Fish are Arriving Daily

by Capt. Cliff Budd

The season’s first cold front arrived late last week. It sure was a welcome change. Not only was the weather much more pleasant outside, but the fishing took an upside turn.  The pompano are biting like crazy near the Juno pier, even though they are small.  They also made a a showing up the Intercoastal Waterway and up the Loxahatchee River.  For those of you who don’t know, pompanos are arguably one of the most highly-prized game and eating fish in FL. They are also very expensive. Believe it or not, they are in the jack and the permit family. They look like jack, fight like jack, and if that’s not enough, they even jump and skip the water surface. Some good baits to use for them are blanched sand fleas, small pink, yellow and white jigs, and small shrimp pattern flies.

Bluefish is another specie that has arrived. They migrated here from the North in waters as close to the beach as the first trough or further out to a depth to 100-foot offshore.  That is where I once chummed up some 10 to 15lb fish with KFC chicken skins.  Bluefish are not choosey eaters.

Just about any natural or artificial bait will work.  Blues are tough, jumping fighters with razor sharp teeth.They travel in schools, so chances are if you catch one, you will catch a few.


Be safe and have fun!

Capt. Cliff Budd can be reached

at (561) 262-1617


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