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Cold Weather Brings Exciting Fishing Opportunities

By Capt.Cliff Budd


The USA was suffering at the end of last month from some extreme cold weather from a polar vortex or Artic hurricane or cyclone.  Paradoxically, we may have global warming to blame for it. The good folks to the north and north west of us here in Florida saw some record-breaking sub-zero temperatures.


Personally, I liked the fish that joined us here in South Florida because of our 65-degree surf. temperature; Pompano joined us and we experienced some fantastic days.  It’s incredible how tasty they are almandine style.


The high-flying spinner sharks are here on and off, migrating through our area. So are the “poor man’s tarpon”: the ladyfish. They are tons of fun on ultra-light tackle and fly rods.Then, there is the rare treat, the tripletail that joined us years ago when we had some extreme days of cold.

Guess what? They are back again due to the cold. They too jump, pull hard, and taste great and some of the fish can weigh north of 30-pounds. All in all, it’s a great time to be here in beautiful South Florida.


Happy & Safe Fishing!  Capt. Cliff Budd can be reached at (561) 262-1617

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