April Fishing Report | Jupiter Pointe

April Fishing Report

April Is A Good Month To Target Sailfish

By Capt. Cliff Budd

Welcome, Jupiter Pointe Club and Marina members and boat owners to this short article. Wow, the year is really flying by although we are still in the winter time fishing mode here in South Florida. The sailfish or Istiophorus, in particular, are still here and did make a few really good showings after some of our cold snaps. Sailfish are a highly prized gamefish since they have so many positive attributes such as being hard fighting, beautifully colored, acrobatic high flying fish, and are extremely fast swimmers. They have a huge tail, long sharp bills for maiming their prey, and a beautiful dorsal fin that looks like a blue sail; hence, the name sailfish.

Sailfish are carnivores that we target with bait such as ballyhoo when skipped across the surface or trolled, google eye or big eyed-scads on a fishing kite ,blue runners ,fire tails , threadfins, and  live sardines to name a few of their favorite food sources and methods.

They will also eat squid and anything else in their path since they are opportunistic feeders. Sails can be targeted in depths from near shore to offshore of 300ft and while our Atlantic sail are smaller then the Pacific species, they still get upwards of 80-pounds and well over 8 foot.

The best weather conditions to target these fish, unfortunately, are when the north and noreasters blow 15-20 mph and more, making it a bit bumpy out in the ocean for most boats and boaters, unless you happen to be in a large sport fishing battlewagon. Also, be aware that Jupiter inlet is quite unforgiving with north east winds on an outgoing tide; our inlet breaks not in one, but three areas: inside, middle, and outside. At times even the pros have a challenging inlet crossing.



Do your homework and be safe above all.

If I may be of assistance with your boating or fishing needs text me late afternoons @ 561-262-1617. Or visit www.seacretspot.com

Happy boating and fishing.

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